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                  Here you can see for yourself what our, "field bred" English Springer Spaniels, offer. Our dogs, and pups, have proven themselves time and time again.  We don't enter often, but when we do, we enter a
Blue River Gun Dog.  
                                                                      NEW FC !!!!!!!!!!!!      
      Spring 2020 has been good for some offspring. The Wiley family has had a fantastic year thus far. Blue River's Flows Fast "Cash" won 3 open stakes in a row out west, plus a 3rd. Which I believe makes him the national open high point dog after spring.  He also has a 2nd in the Amateur. Running mate "Jean" pulled down enough placement to land in a close 2nd for national amateur high point. Incredible. To top that it earned Cash his Field Champion title. 

 A little report at the national awards banquet. BRK took home 4 of the 11 high point awards handed out at the national amateur.  Very cool. Western interclub amateur high point dog, FC AFC Blue River's California Sunrise "Jean". And Bo with his 3 high point awards National high point pup, national weighted high point pup, and Midwest high point pup, setting a record for the most points in the history of the sport with 65 points. Congrats to all.


     Blue River Flows Fast "Cash" got his first 2 all age open placements, a 3rd and a 4th. And team mate Blue River's California Sunrise has had huge success. Several placements in both open and Amateur stakes. She is pretty much tied for national AM high point dog for 2019. With one final weekend to run for both dogs in the hunt LOL.  A big accomplishment for all the dogs and handlers involved. So much going on I could not keep up :).  I am very proud of what the BRK pups have done. Congrats to all....


 4/15/2019. Congrats to Cheri Wiley with Blue River's Flows Fast "Cash". Receiving his first open all age placement. 4th at the Nth Wst club in Oregon. Handled by his trainer Gary from G and D.

   4/13/2019 Mean Jean at it again. FC AFC Blue River's California Sunrise places again! 3rd Amatuer in Oregon. She is amazing. Congrats to Kent Wiley who was at the wheel. You two are a fantastic team. 39 all age points at 3 years of age. 


                                                                    NEW FC AFC!!!                       
FC AFC Blue River's California Sunrise, "Jean". She had her FC, and  AFC titles at 2 years old!!!!!.  AFC in 3 runs!!!!. Just won the AM again the other day. At just over 3, she has 37 all age points!. That's not "Premium", that is delivering!
                Congrats to Kent and Cheri Wiley, and Pro Trainer Gary Breitbarth at G and D Kennel.
  Splashy dogs boy,  Blue River Bocephus running spring 2019 pup stakes has a win, 3 2nds, and a 4th place finish in pup stakes. 

 Hardy's kid Ava has been performing well, winning each pup stake entered. Congrats Les and Ava!

The offspring were getting it done this fall. Hardy and Judy pups at 16 months old placed in 5 all age stakes and several pup stakes. Cali came back for a couple runs and placed 2nd in an open stake, A Odie and Loren kid. Proud of those bird finders and congrats to the owners and handlers

New News:  May 7th 2017. After a year away because of myself having Lyme disease, I ran the MN field trial. We were able to come out with a 3rd place finish with Blue River's Drivin' A Hard Bargain "Hardy". His first qualification for a National. This was the only run for the year. He is a nice young boy. Also his daughter entered the Nth MN pup stake this spring and got a 4th, at just 9 months old. Friend Randy Manore owns her and has done a nice job with her.

  April 22 2017.  Pup stake at the Northwest Club field trial in Oregon. 3rd Place,Dar's Sassy Patch of Blue River “Patches”  Owned, trained and ran by Darlene Cherry. Great job Dar, congrats.

April 2nd and 3rd. Nordic Woods Sammy. An FC Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie" and Sunrise Shea pup. 3rd place open all age. Another power house sired by Odie. She belongs to Paul, Hunter, Logan, and Kris Kostelecky, who train with me. I had the privilege of handling her this week. They have worked very hard training her. Congrats to them, she did a hell of a job.



 March 25th 2016. Again !!!!  The same, the "
Blue River's California Girl"    " Cali"  2nd place amateur all age at the Utah springer spaniel club trial. Kent Wiley at the helm this time. Congrats again to all.


October 18th and 19th 2015. The same, Blue River's California Girl    " Cali"  2nd place open all age at the Arrowhead springer spaniel club trial in CA.  An  FC Blue River I'm Dan's Boy  X   The Blue River Flows in me kid.  Just 2 years old.

October 10th and 11th 2015.    Blue River's California Girl    " Cali"  1st place open all age at the Utah springer spaniel club trial. An  FC  River I'm Dan's Boy X   The Blue River Flows in me kid.


Congrats to the Wiley family Cheri, Jake and Kent. And Gary Breitbarth who ran her in the open. 

September 19th and 20th.
For the second weekend in a row. Blue River's Drivin' A Hard Bargain "Hardy", and litter mate Blue River's High Quality H2O "Boucher",  finish 1 and 2 again over some stiff competition. But the big noses prevailed again. Couple dandy pups. This one was a special day for me as it was a stake their mom "River" won as a pup. And for them to kick butt and get first and 2nd? Very cool. It was an emotional time to say the least.



What a debut for the River twins, Blue River's Drinin' A Hard Bargain "Hardy" & brother Blue River's High Quality H20  "Boucher"  Momma would be proud. Centraql Wisconsin trial. Hardy 1st place in the pup stake, and brother Boucher was a close 2nd place.  What a blast it was. 
To add to it "Odie" 
FC Blue River I'm Dan's Boy. Placed 2nd in the Amateur all age, qualifying him yet again for another national.



Very proud  of FC Odie and Loren's kid,  Blue River's California Girl "Cali". Owned by Jake and Cheri Wiley in California. With Jake handling her in his, and hers first two puppy stakes ever, the team won them both. Great job! And a beautiful dog.


October 25 and 26, 2014 – 4 in a row!!!!! 1st place finish in the open all age                                  for AFC Blue River's Fast Track   (River) at the Minnesota English Springer Spaniel Club
trial in Owatonna MN. What a ride she had this fall. Now just 2 points to go for her FC title.


October 4th and 5th 2014 "3" in a row!  a 3rd place finish for Blue River's Fast Track (River)
at the Minnesota Heartland English Springer Spaniel Club trial in Owatonna MN.
New AFC !!!!
  September 21st 2014, Blue River's Fast Track "River" 2nd place Amateur all age at the North Dakota Sporting Spaniel Club trial in Menoken ND. River just needed 1 point, a 4th place finish to get her AFC title, and this 2nd place finish was more then enough. Great weekend for her. This qualified her yet again for both nationals in one weekend with 2nd in the amateur and 2nd in the open. She just needs to pass her AKC water test later this month.

September 20th 2014, Blue River's Fast Track "River" 2nd place Open all age at the North Dakota Sporting Spaniel Club trial in Menoken ND.


                                       "NEW FC"!!!
  October 19th and 20th 2013. Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie" 4th place at the Sportsman's Spaniel Club trial in IL. This finished Odie's   "AKC Open Field Champion Title" Whoo Hooooooo!

September 22nd 2013. Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie" 2nd place amateur all age at the North Dakota Sporting Spaniel Club trial.

April 13th and 14th 2013. Blue River's Fast Track "River" 3rd place amateur all age at the MN field trial.

April 6th and 7th 2013. Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie" 4th place open all age at the MN Heartland trial. 

10-28-2012, Blue River's Fast Track "River" placed in her 3rd trial in a row, getting 3rd place in the amateur all age at the Minnesota English Springer Spaniel club trial. And team mate, Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie" won the Open all age. Odie and River are now qualified for "both" the Open and Amateur National Championships 2012.  

       Sat and Sun October 20th and 21st. The Sportsman's Spaniel Club, Morris IL. Blue River,s Fast Track "River", 3rd place in the Open all age.
This qualified her for the National Open Championship along with the National Amateur. Unfortunately, we will only be able to attend one. Ken Willis did a great job of handling the dogs when he had them. Thanks to team R-Quest, from Ken, Missy, Odie and River for the excellent care you provided our kids.

Sat October 6th 2012. The Blue River Flows In Me, "Loren" 1st place puppy at the Mn Heartland trial in MN. Handled by Ken Hanson

Sat October 6th 2012, Blue River's Fast Track,"River" 4th place in the Open all age at the Great Lakes field
trial in Michigan. Handled by Ken Willis

May 13th 2012, Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie" 3rd place at the North Dakota Sporting Spaniel Club field trial. Qualifying him for the 2012 National Amateur Championship for the 2nd year in a row! Good boy, :) 



              Central WI Amateur all age trial March 2012, Blue River's Fast Track,"River" 3rd place. 

4-1-2012 Blue River's Fast track  "River"  3rd place at the MHESSC amateur all age trial. Qualifying her for the 2012 National Amateur Championship.


5-14-2012 1st place with "NEW AFC Hillbilly Prez. Owner Ed Zahler, Handler Ken Hanson. This win finished off her AFC title. And to top it off she was rewarded the 2012 Midwest high point amateur dog.



    12-14-2011 Odie just received a Certificate of Merit at the US Open National Championship. After the 4 placements were handed out, a certificate of merit was awarded by the judges to other dogs they felt should be recognized for excellent performances. 9 CM's were given out at this years National. 126 good dogs started the trial. I am very proud of him. Handled by Ken Willis



11-5-2011, Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie", 3rd place at the Stillwater Valley Open all age trial in Ohio.Handled by Ken Willis


Another great weekend for Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie" 2nd place at the Sportsman's Spaniel Club trial in IL, Oct 2011 Amateur all age. This qualified him for both Nationals this year.Handled by Ken Hanson


Blue River's Fast Track "River" 1st place, in the North Dakota Sporting Spaniel Club trial Amateur all age. Sept. 2011. handled by Ken Hanson

Also at the 2011 National Amateur Championship, River was one of 26 dogs out of 112 called back to the 5th series. She had bad luck in that go but looked very well. She put on a great show that week. I was very proud of her. Handled by Ken Hanson


             Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie" 2nd place
at the MN Heartland Open all age Sept. 2011
             Handled by Ken Hanson


Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie" 2nd place in the Ohio Valley Open all age trial 4/2/211. Earning him a go at the 2011 US National Open Championship. Handled by Ken Willis 


& My spring go with "Odie", 4th place in all age Amateur stakes at the Sportsman's Spaniel Club Spring 2011 field trial in Illinois. Handled by Ken Hanson


We just have a few things to brag about. I will start with the oldest news. I came to know many great folks in Springer Spaniel field trial clubs, along with several others across the US.
   Starting to train a new pup for trials in 2007, it was easy to see it is a fun, but time consuming affair. With the help from several new friends, I was able to run my new young project in AKC puppy stakes. We got started in the fall of 2008, missing the spring trials due to the age of my project.
   That dog is Blue River I'm Dans boy, and he placed in almost every puppy stake he entered. He was my first taste of a trial dog and boy was it fun. Even though it was just puppy stakes, it felt like a National to a new comer. Every one, where ever I went, was so helpful and welcoming. I would highly recommend this sport to anyone. 
   Odie ran his way to sixth place in the nation in puppy stake points, and second in the mid west region. I thought that was pretty neat.  Now I'm hooked.
   More importantly, he is just an unbelievable hunting dog. He is a dog I wish everyone could hunt behind. Here is the few photos I remembered to take during his short puppy days.   

Below is Odie, with all but one of his ribbons earned in 2008 puppy stakes. 

   Field bred english springer spaniels. english springer spaniels, field bred english springer spaniel puppies, bred to be, gun dogs. True, gundogs.


     Just some various photos from hunting, training, and that sort of thing.
2012 hunting MN:








Some 2011

Odie and I went out for a hunt today, 12-24-2011. He flushed 13 birds and trailed out a nice 100+ yard runner. Two were roosters. His hunter got one for him but missed his other retreive :). Guess we will just have to go again...

Odie below.

   Working on our native prairie grass field in the back yard. The pond has water in it already, and we will have it seeded in shortly. 



   We added a nice pond with it.

A nice spot for the dogs and wildlife to cool off.
The field is now growing well and should look even more beautiful next year.                      
       Right is Odie concentrating on a blind retrieve.       

              12/6/2010  Below is Odie all proud of a nice rooster we harvested together on a quick walk after work, gorgeous day!


   Ladybug below, was all iced over from rooting under the snowy cattails on 12/5/2010. It was a great hunt. She put up around 30 birds that day along with these long tails. This time of year it is real nice to have a Springer that loves to work hard, and that is certainly her. It is hard to believe a dog can like hunting this much, you have to see it to believe it, it's something.


Below is River on a "wild" bird hunt near home, never had to drive any where, gotta love it. We went for about an hour walk and she found one hen and one rooster. It beat watching the end of the vikings game. 10-31-2010


              Below is Ladybug after a "Wild Bird Hunt" on 10/30/2010. She found 2 hens and 1 Big old rooster. She did a great job, trailing him down a fence line for about a hundred yards, then followed him out in some flooded red willows. He flushed high and cackling like crazy which offered me a clean shot out over the willows. He dropped about 50 yards deep in the flooded willows, and Lady made a "great" "tough" retrieve out of the flooded jungle. What a great hunt. Those are the moments that you appreciate a quality gun dog and a true hunter. Both her and the bird were still wet for their photo moment. The weather was just gorgeous that day.


        Here is Odie below enjoying a limit of "wild roosters" he flushed , I don't know who shot them though. This is the most important aspect of our dogs. "They must hunt"!


                                                                       Below is River with a couple of her own a day later, just the two of us in the back yard.


         Young Odie waiting patiently for his next command.


   Below is the gang Odie, River, and Lady wondering, what they might have in their stockings at Christmas time. Odie was up all night trying to get a glimpse at Santa, he was a bit tired for his photo.



   River was happy. We seen she was so fast in the field, that we decided to get her a fire truck of her own for Christmas. That way she could put the fire out in the field behind her when she runs.


                                                                 Odie on the other hand was not so happy, all he got was a new place board, naughty boy.


              Training By Odie and River
           (Quote from Odie): "When you think your smarter then your bird dog, ask yourself, "Who cleans up after who" ?                

  We  have access to many acres of beautiful training fields. One of which is right in our back yard. We train with different clubs across Minnesota and elsewhere. These training groups will help you obtain your goals of a quality gun dog. It is a fun and friendly atmosphere, with knowledgeable people. All of whom will welcome any new folks. Feel free to contact us, and we will help get you started in the right direction with your new pup or dog. At no cost to you.                                                          


   Boarding, by Odie and River. 
(Quote from River):  "I can tell you that place board training is good for our obedience".



   Well that’s it for now. You met the family, It being a new site and all, we don't have a ton of material up yet. Hope you enjoyed what we had. Any questions, drop us a note. and chat. Or if you are a prior Blue River Bred dog owner, please stop and share a story and a photo to post in the brag or album section. Make sure to include some hunting shots. We would love to meet some folks that had some of Loren’s dogs, or one of ours as well. Take care

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