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I am at times in the process of scanning, resizing,down loading, and creating links to our health screen info, new members of our team, and also good bye to our fallen loved ones. This always takes me time, so more to come. I am slow at the whole computer thing :) It took hrs to do the bit I have now, but I will get there.  And try to keep things as up to date as I can.
      FC  Blue River I'm Dan's Boy "Odie"  Gone, but never forgotten!

                                                              OFA GOOD, CERF NORMAL, PFK & PRA CLEAR

                                                            NFC FC AFC BJ's Dan of Danville  x  Nena of Linden

Odie's CERF            Odie's OFA           Odie's PRA               Odie's PFK


   It was a sad time here as we lost our well loved hunting partner and family member Odie in 2014. We have been blessed with a couple new generations of his offspring. He was a powerful, big running, 50 Lb dog, with a great build. A biddable dog, with a good temperament. He used the wind well, and was a good bird finder. He had very good marking skills, and could  find downed game well. He was not shy to any cover type. He had a very soft mouth, allot of desire and a solid flush. He was well conformed and pleasing to look at. He was as good in the water as any Lab.
   He was an amazing dog to hunt over, and  a welcome member of our home.  He was a proven producer, and has some very nice pups on the ground. They are all reporting the same skills and soft mouths. Along with many other good qualities. References available upon request. The ones competing in field trials have all had success. 

   He was from some outstanding bloodlines as well. His father, GF, GGF, and GGGF all won a National Open championship, "4 generations in a row". 
      To me this says his history has something special in it. With 11 all age trial placements consisting of a win, 5 2nds, two 3rd's, & three 4th place finishes. Qualifying him for both the Open,and Amateur National in 2011, 2012, and 2013, and after some time off the national amateur in 2015. He showed those same qualities.  He has a Certificate of Merit at the 2011 National Open as well. I am very proud he lived with me, and feel fortunate for that. 

12-14-2011 Odie completed the US National Open Championship, and received a Certificate of Merit. After the 4 placements, 9 CM's were issued to dogs thought to have had excellent performances that deserved recognition by by the judges. 126 dogs started, I feel he has done a great job in his limited events. I am most pleased with his wonderful daughter Sia he has provided us.                                    
"Odie's Pedigree"

                                                          Odie at the 2011 Open National water series below.



  AFC  Blue River's Fast Track "River"     Gone, but never forgotten!
                                                                           AFC  Blue River's Fast Track  "River"                                    

                                                                 OFA GOOD, CERF NORMAL, PFK & PRA CLEAR

                                                        FC Triple Ridges Buddy Boy   x   AFC Baskwoods Fast Lapper

                                            "Rest in peace my forever friend, we will never, ever forget you."
           I am saddened to write that we lost River to a long battle in 2013. It was the hardest thing in my life to go through saying good bye. And why it has taken months for me to update her status on here. River will always be one of the true great gundogs and trial competitors. I doubt you will find one person who ran against her that will disagree.  I was blessed to have 3 offspring of hers from her 2nd and last litter. They are some nice dogs. I will be with you again some day my love, till then we will try to make you proud. River was lost to an auto immune reaction to vaccinations or possibly a tic born illness. I recommend that everyone with a dog check out the new study conducted by the university of Wisconsin, which addresses vaccination schedules.  And the viability of them before you make your next vet visit.  I recommend that you look in to a 3 year shot rotation, "and" rotate them by years. Please do not have them done all on the same day. If your vet argues with you, find a new one...   Please watch the link below.



   River is a very fast and flashy dog in the field. She is a bit on the softer side , but in a good trainable way. She is very biddable, and can find birds well.  She uses the wind nicely. She has a very strong flush and a super soft mouth as well. It is neat to see her accelerate into a flush, and try these cat like moves and turns, as she tries to grab a bird. She is a beautiful dog with a warm personality. She has a solid temperament and always wants to retrieve. She is always looking to please. She does not balk at the water, and is just an all around nice dog. And what a lover. River has become a great competitor as well. She is one that seems to be hanging around at the end much of the time at trials, and has two all age wins, 2-2nds, 5-3rd's and a 4th now, also in few events this fall 2014, she ran in 5 stakes finishing all 5, and placed in 4 trials in a row.  She finished her AFC title, got her win for her FC title, and placed 2nd in both the open and amateur in ND. Which qualified her yet again for both nationals in one weekend. Now just 2 points shy of her FC title. She is very consistent. Not to mention, wild birds do not stand a chance against her superb tracking, and hunting ability. She is an absolute dream to hunt behind. And to top it off they just don't create a better home companion. Can't express how fortunate I am to be owned by her.

                                          River's OFA           River's  PFK             River's CERF               River's PRA
                                  River's Pup's Eye exams available on the puppies page.  To view,   Click Here
"River's Pedigree"
                                                                                 "River Training video"



                         Harvest Moon's Real Deal

                                      NFC FC AFC Harvest Moon's Cinnamon Girl  X  Blue River's Drivin' A Hard Bargain

                                                                OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CAER (Eyes) Normal  

                           "Fareal Pedigree"

      We are very pleased to add Fareal to our foundation gun dogs. She is a beautiful dog, with a warm loving personality. She is very well conformed, her size and powerful build is exactly what we look for in a dog. She loves to please, and has loads of style. She is a great family member, and gun dog. When it comes to  "field bred english springer spaniels" she fits the mold. She has a great nose, loves to retrieve with a "superb" natural delivery to hand. Followed up with that same soft mouth we have in all of our dogs. Anyone that states otherwise, has a nose longer than Pinocchio's.  We are very happy she is here.  



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "Blue River Lady"     Gone, but never forgotten!  

                                                          " Lady " OFA GOOD, CERF NORMAL, PFK CLEAR

                                                                  Blue River Bourbon X Princess Mandy May

    Lady also has crossed the rainbow bridge. She lived to be 15 years old, and still get around like she was 5. She lost her fight in the end to that evil cancer. 

      Lady was the dog that slept at the end of the bed. She was a great dog to hunt behind. She worked well with you as a team. She was born with that out of the box hunting style, that was uncanny. As did most all the hunting dogs Loren Lein produced.  I mean she quartered well, found game, flushed and retrieved any bird, including waterfowl, all on her own. In the pups she has produced, that same quality has come out. She could trail out moving birds well, and rarely lost fallen game. She would hunt, in, over, under and around anything to get a bird. She had a strong durable frame and  amazing stamina. She always wanted to please, and always wanted to go. Friends called her the 4x4 bird dog. And she again was a beautiful looking dog besides. 

 Her longevity was amazing, and she certainly did not show her age. I literally hunted her after she was 12 years old.  She will be forever missed in our hearts.  


                                                                                            "Lady's Pedigree"
                                       Lady's CERF                                Lady's OFA                           Lady's PFK    

   Blue River's Drivin' A Hard Bargain, "Hardy" 

    Hardy is a very nice dog we are blessed with out of River, and like her, is loaded with talent.  

He has a big nose and covers ground with authority. He can retrieve very well, has a super pick up and delivery, and has a solid flush. He loves the water, and swims great with a big entry. He has that natural ability to use the wind and find game. Which to me is the most important part of a spaniels ability. Without that, nothing else matters. He has a gifted ability to produce moving birds, and do it well. He suits his name well because he is certainly drivin.

He is a beautiful well built powerhouse. He is great in the house, and just loves life. He flat out flies in the field, and does not shy from over. He is getting better and better, all the time. He is a proven producer with some very nice offspring on the ground. He is CERF NORMAL & OFA GOOD.

He won every pup stakes he ran, and he did it running away from the competition with use of wind and awesome bird finding. Followed up with spot on retrieves. His littermate obtained 2nd each of those times as well..... He is taking after his mama. He was entered in his first all age trials that fall in the last event of the year. At just 2 years old he finished both, 6 series in two days. I felt he did a fantastic job and so did many others.

The following spring he picked up where he left off, finishing the few all age events he ran, getting a 3rd for his first taste of bling.  Sadly that summer he inhaled a forgein body in his lung, and his trial career has been sidelined ever since. It has been long term care, which is still ongoing.  However he has not been hindered in passing along his amazing genetics. He has been an outstanding producer of some insanely talented offspring. Every single one is successful that has been placed in field trial hands. And for the families who obtained a hunting partner, they are getting the job done as well. He is hands down the most dynamic spaniel I have owned. Even if his career as an ass kicker has ended, I still feel very blessed to have him. His kids will do the rest, and are....
        "Hardy's Pedigree"         "Hardy's OFA"             "Hardy's CERF"

                                                                                       Hardy training video




          Blue River's California Dreamin "Sia"

                                                    FC Blue River I'm Dan's Boy x Sunrise At Willowbrook

    Sia is my Odie daughter who is simply put "A physical specimen"  She encompasses everything we have been working so many years to create. She is a solid foundation dog with no holes I can find. I have decided not to run girls in trials for simple reasons, heat cycles. Sia is a powerful, leggy, driven gun dog, with superb willingness to please. She runs with big grace and style like her old man. She has more national winners in her close pedigree than any other I can think of.
 Sia is gifted with a big time nose, can take moving birds naturally, and loves to retrieve, which she does very well. She has a superb mouth, and polite delivery. She flat out loves the job, and is one of the most complete females we have owned. She is a total suck up, and lover in the house. A warm foot warmer on the bed, and welcome addition to our home.
          Her littermate who is running in AKC events is FC AFC Blue River's California Sunrise "Jean"... Not surprising to me at all that Jean ripped it up in pup stakes. Then, at "only" 2 years old! Had her FC and AFC titles.... She received her AFC in just three events!  Now at just over 3 yrs of age, has 39 all age points to date, qualifying for both nationals with ease, and room to spare.... Lets see someone bragging about premium, and week long trips to find studs make that claim!!!!  This is your premium in a bottle! Truly amazing.  But we won't goat too much. 

                               OFA hips GOOD, CAER Eyes NORMAL, Elbows OFA NORMAL PFK & PRA CLEAR.
                                       Pedigree and other info coming soon.   Her sire is FC Odie, nuf said.    





           Blue River's Makin Waves   "Splash"  
AFC Blue River's Fast Track  x   FTW  Misty River's Gordon


"Splash's Pedigree"    Splash's CERF     "Splash's OFA"

  Splash is a Littermate to Hardy. She is such a sweet dog.  She has a powerful run, and one of the best noses a spaniel could hope for. She has the calmest disposition I have seen in a dog, and is just a treat as a house dog. Very polite, and loves to snuggle up by your feet, and stay there all night. She has the best natural delivery I have had in any dog, and a super soft mouth. Her presentation is perfect, and she just does it all on her own. She can mark and retrieve well, just loves birds. She has a nice build and is here to stay. She is a proven producer with new pups doing well in AKC pup stakes. I am very happy she is here with us. She is 100% daddy's girl. In all my years she most certainly has the best demeanor for being a member of the household I have lived with. She has been hunted on wild birds and is learning the business very well. 
       Splash is a leggy 40ish pound gal, very quiet, and never gets in trouble. Well there was the one time she chased a goose for a mile and I had to go fetch her LOL, but she has grown up and behaves pretty well now.  When I find another minute I will share a training video of her. So you can see her work a little.

      The dogs on this site are a group compiled from some of the best, english springer spaniels, field bred english springer spaniels, in north america. Bred from, national field champions, national amateur field champions, Canadian national field champions, Field champions, amateur field champions, and canadian field champions. Names like, NFC FC Sunrise Zinger, NFC FC BJ's Dan Of Danville, NFC FC AFC Saightons Scud, NFC FC Denalisunflo's Ring, CNFC Parker Sir Roberts, ANFC Sandcreeks Annies Abbey, NFC FC AFC Harvest Moon's Cinnamon Girl, NFC FC KB's Sir Coach, ANFC The Ice Man, CNFC Northern Thunders Rupert, FC Pondview's Windy Acres Yankee, FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fasttrack, AFC Blue River's Fast Track, FC Blue River I'm Dan's Boy, and many many other top, field bred english springer spaniels.
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