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     We have a passion for *Field Bred English Springer Spaniels*. We strive to produce a quality breeding in each and every litter. The pups are home whelped and well socialized. The receive special handling as they develop,  starting at just days old. Resulting in calm pups easy to handle and bathe. They have several nail clippings, baths, and one on one attention. They are introduced to car rides, water and the outdoors if the snow is not neck deep :).  They are backed up with a 100% 36 month health guarantee in writing....

   The pups will receive a full vet examination, first shots, have tails and dew claws done to field bred standards, and be wormed 3-4 times. They will be at a healthy weight, raised on good quality food.

      Our foundation dogs are hunted on wild birds. We strive to produce natural ability in a biddable package. Dogs with great noses, who can use the wind well, find downed game and trail out crippled game. They must retrieve, and mark well. They must also possess a tender mouth. We will not have a bird cruncher on the place. We firmly believe many traits are hereditary, including hard mouth.  Foundation dogs must have a solid temperament, and be family members in the household. Lets face it, they hunt for most people a few months a year, and the rest of the time, they have to watch TV with the kids. They must be of nice stature, and pleasing to the eye as well. We simply put, do not want to make the breed "worse". We want to improve it. If there is ever an issue, we would wish to know about it. 

   All  pups are reserved on a first come first serve "limited" basis, with a $200 deposit. In doing so we also strive to make suggestions, and pair the best possible match with the people. Your deposit is guaranteed. If we do not produce the desired pup tailored in your pup agreement, we will shred your check, mail it back to you, or place in on another pairing. Your choice. We recommend planning well ahead, because most cases in a quality breeding they will quite often be spoken for before they arrive. We only reserve a limited number of pups per litter. We try not to "over book" any planned pair. I know that practice exists, but we just don't feel right doing that here...

   Below you will find information about current news, and upcoming options available. We try to keep things pretty well updated.  If we do not have what your looking for at the time. Never be afraid to call and talk dogs. We know several breeders, and may be able to refer you to another "quality" pairing. 

  We offer free training advice via you coming out, or phone, email etc. if you wish. We know or belong to several training groups, who always welcome new folks. We train all the time. All you have to do is do it!  We want all pups to be placed successfully, and in the right home.... 

 We can be reached at: PO Box 121 Garfield MN 56332
                                           320-219-2081 or email at:              
                                                                          Upcoming Litters
     We reserve the right to retain any pup from any litter we produce. We only would do so in a case that is planned, 0r if sudden unexpected tragedy occurs with one of our foundation dogs. 

   If by chance you do not hear back from me within a day or two, chances are your email did not get here, or I can not reply to it. Or your phone message is broken up and incomplete. I always reply if able. So please call back.

                                  "Planned pairings for winter 2021" Going home in spring.
                                    Maddie x Hardy                 &                     River x FC AFCPepper

                       Contact us about reserving a pup from these two outstanding options.
                                                                            More info soon.

                        "Due to issues with this Godaddy hosting site, I can not upload new photos etc. We will be moving our website, and building a new one this winter sometime. For more info and photos please email me. And, or call 320-219-2081.
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Started Dogs:                                    

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 Please contact us for reference, & contact information. For reasons of integrity, personal information of others including phone #'s, will not be put on the site. Only the information they chose to send us. Many of these folks will be happy to answer any questions you have or tell stories about their dog. Just let us know and we can get you in touch with them.

                                This is what its also all about. Family, and great hunting dogs.... below is just a few of the many notes we recieve about our, field bred english springer spaniels.

   "A note from John Miller and his Odie / Splash pup."

Hi Ken I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to send you a picture of Buddy after his first hunt this weekend. I took him out to wings north with my friend and his 3 yr old golden. Buddy was amazing. At 7 months old and on his first ever pheasant hunt he looked like a seasoned pro. His nose is like nothing i have ever seen before. We had 15-20 mph winds and were hunting in mostly green corn and he was all over the birds. He was flushing birds that the golden had just worked over and was busting through cattails and a foot of water to retrieve them to me. He worked so hard and I could not be prouder of my little boy. Sorry we could not make it up this summer but I will make a point to come up with him next year for sure. Thanks again for a great dog and good luck this season.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         John Miller       


Here is à picture of Alexandria ( Xan ). Xan is à pup from Dulce and Indy. She has hunted very well for me. She is very alert and attentive and responds quickly to my commands. I can say she is the smartest dog we have had.
As well as a good hunting companion she is very good with our grandkids. My wife and I are happy to have her.
She goes to Florida every winter . People stop us often and comment on how beautiful she is.
Thank you!
Dave and Ginny Neuman.


We did get some hunting in this year.  As always would liked to have done more.  I managed to get the two rookies out to Montana this year.  We had a good trip.  The conditions were tough.  It was warm and very dry.  Timber did really well concidering how dry it was.  He is a great dog.  He will hunt for you all day long. Timber is as good of a companion as he is a hunter.  I attach is a picture of the two Montana rookies.
Happy holidays 

Tim Ziemer

This is their Odie and Loren young man below.     

Hi Ken,
Every Sunday, the boys write an e-mail to their teachers and speech/communication specialists describing what they did over the weekend- this is what Michel wrote describing our day Saturday... 
"We drove up in the world to the coolest pet place in the world, Ken Hanson`s puppy petting place.  It was called Blue River Kennels it is located in Garfield, Minnesota.  There we were petting puppies called Springer Spaniels.  We also saw pheasants and pigeons at Ken Hanson`s birdie zoo, I heard that those birds have a clubhouse of their very own.  We went to look at our brand new puppy, we`ll call him Soul and we can get him next weekend!"

Thought you'd get a kick out of it. He's our awesome little buddy!  Kim loves him, too.


    Soul getting it done, happy dad.

From Taylor Olson and Odie's boy "Grady"
We had our first full year of hunting. Grady was better than expected. We got out probably 15 times this year. He picked up right where he left off last year. His first couple birds this year were still an adventure to retrieve, as he wasn't quite sure what to do with them. Once he got his first one in his mouth and back to me, the rest was history. He is a machine. Track, flush, locate, and retrieve. He tracked down two wounded roosters this year. One he caught, and the other he flushed for a 2nd time and we got it. He attacks cover and is quite partial to the cattails. He's got a great nose and can cover ground like crazy. I met up with some family in MN at a game farm to hunt birds over Thanksgiving. He hunted alongside a couple dogs, one of which was another springer. He definitely made everyone notice him. I was getting compliments all weekend. :) He's a great looking dog and is strong as can be. We're going to do some duck hunting together in October, so I'm excited for that as well. At home he eats great, lives in the house, and plays with the kids. Him and our 3 year old are best buds. They're always causing trouble, but it's fun.
All in all I couldn't be more happy. Thanks for everything!



Reward does not come with out pain sometimes. Hard hunting dogs gather some burs :). Go get em Grady!


Obie Wan Kenobe,  A Odie and Lady kid. 
Obie is  a fabulous pheasant finder.  We are so pleased to have him and spoil him.   He worked so hard to "find him dead" in cattails on Saturday.   Hard work but we are finding wild MN birds on public lands  with Much help from the dog.   Thanks for breeding such a bird finding beauty.   Sarah Rule


A note from Rick, about his Dulce and Indy pup.
Here's a couple pics of Gauge.
Pheasant season this fast fall went well. Gauge has made a lot of progress this year. He's a good boy, and a good pup. He hunted fantastic for me. We hunted about 20 days this past fall and Gauge got around 12 roosters. He's turned into a fantastic pet and house dog as well as a promising hunting companion. He is also very in love with my wife who was a little sceptical about another puppy at first but now they're inseperable.
Rick Lindgren


A note from Brady Walter about his Odie and River girl, "Citori"  This litter has high reviews!
She has more than exceeded my expectations! We would have been eating
well this year with fresh game birds  if only my shooting had been up to
expectations! Those darn grouse are hard to hit... Really I cannot
sing her praises enough. She quarters well and works in close,
especially in the grouse woods. She did not flush a single bird out of
range all season. Her nose is amazing and she never failed to find a
downed bird, even woodcock which are notoriously hard to find once
they are down. She is a retrieving maniac and loves nothing more than
to just fetch a ball for an hour or two. And on top of all that she is
a wonderful, well behaved house dog. We really could not have asked       
for a better dog. I've attached a couple of pictures, and wish I had
more to send on.                                               


 1-10-2012,  Below is Ranger, he resides in Texas. This is a recent photo of him grown up some. He is from that outstanding Odie and Lady cross. Looks like he got it done on quail. Man, quite a dog I'm told. This fine dog is not even 1 year old!

Ranger is an incredible dog! Really does great both as a hunting dog and a house dog. Here are some photos of him
from a trip to Georgia to quail hunt, and some more quail hunting in the hill country in Texas. He has also picked up the ability to find deer sheds. Hope all is well.

 Patrick Leach


A word from the new owners of Forest. A 1 yr old started girl from Odie and Lady.

Thank you for selling us a great little dog.The training you gave her was perfect for our situation,you'd be proud of her.Because of her discipline, she has total run of our place.No potty accidents for 2 weeks and at night she can actually relax in the kitchen.Have not done much serious hunt training,temperatures way to hot,but she's doing everything I expect.Have her scheduled to be spay and chipped so she'll be  ready to beat the brush in September for grouse.
  Thanks again,Buttke's
Below is a note from Colby Clayton. He resides in Florida and does some hunting for ducks and quail. This is an Odie and Lady girl he waited 2 years to obtain. He is glad he waited I think.:) Colby is about the most polite young man I have ever spoken to. I am happy his dog is working out wonderful for him.
Mr. Kenny
Sorry it has taken so long to get you a picture of Ellie. Our camera tore up and I just recently got a phone that I could take some pictures with. This is a picture that I took of her today of the ducks we shot. She is really a great dog and real go getter. I hope that all your training with odie is going good and that you and your family have a great Christmas.  I'll send a couple more emails with some pictures for you.



Below Is Gus in Arkansas. He has turned in to a true gun dog, he is a Odie and Lady son.

Me and ol Gus on his first REAL duck hunt. Opening day in Arkansas, 2011. He made me proud bringing in a mixed bag of big ducks. Stayed steady as a rock until sent, took hand signals better than I do, and brought every duck to hand. Two of the retrieves were over 150yds of open water; fast swimming cripples. That high-caliber BlueRiver bloodline is showing out in Arkansas! And he is still just a teenager. Sorry for the quality of the pic, bad overcast and a sprinkle.  Bob(smiling big)
This story is not about the first time, just the most recent......
A ten acre buckbrush thicket standing knee deep in water, A half acre "duckhole" open in the center. Me and a buddy back in the brush and ol Gus standing with his nuts in the cold water swishing his tail. Three mallards come in, bang-bang-bang. Bud drops one in the brush bout 30 yards in, mine falls probably 60-75 yards behind me in the thickest of the buckbrush. Gus has seen the birds in the air but could only mark them by the sound of the splash. I release him with a word and he's off to the 30ydr. Back in a flash and I line him on the general area of the second and give him a "back." Understand he is facing a thicket of brush 2ft from his nose. He enters the brush and wades/swims out of sight. Gone 15 minutes but I can hear the splashing and brush cracking. Gets quiet and then I can hear him splashing and that ol "umph, uumph" of his breathing with a mouth full of duck. Eventually he comes paddling out of that hellhole with a big ol greenhead in his mouth and that "look" in his eyes that says, "look at me daddy, I found him!"
You sir, breed a hell of a line of hunting dogs!!!
Bob McKellar


This is an Odie and Lady kid. Here is what his new owner had to say.

Hi Ken,
Dick Stavrum here. Just thought you might like to see my buddy Kirbie and a limit of birds. At 1-1/2 yrs he is really doing well out here. We have 4 more days of the hunt left.


News about this years Dulce Indy kids is coming in, hope to get some pics up of them soon:

About Blue Rivers Gauge, a nice male pup from Dulce.
Ken, tonight he retrieved a dead pigeon to hand 3 times. I've been playing with a Pheasant wing, the last couple nights decided to try the bird, perfect. We have been back to the lake swimming, he loves it. This pup at ten weeks old is well on his way. As you can tell I am super excited. I'll try to get some photos and send them. Also a swamp by my house with grass and cattails, he bails right in, not scared of the cover at all:-)

Rick Lindgren

Here is Ranger. He is an Odie - Lady boy from this spring 2011. He is honing his hunting skills in the great state of Texas.
Here is a photo and a note from Patrick, his new owner.

Ken, Ranger is an incredible dog, really pleased with how he has turned out so far.  


This is Blue River's Short Stop "Tulo" he is an Odie Lady boy from our 2011 spring litter.
He Resides in Parker CO With his new owner.

Tulo at the ball game. He's growing quick and sure wants to chase birds..........Van

Here is an Odie Lady girl from 2010. Hunting at just months old. Congrats on a good hunt. Ken

Hi Ken:Just wanted to contact you and let you know how things are going with Lexie, from Odie and Lady spring litter. Lexie has come around very fast, she has  good drive and desire to please. Her ability to use her nose to locate is very good. In the enclosed picture one of those pheasant was shot down over a iced pond where only way of retrieving was by Lexie. She went out on the pond and made the fifty yard thing..I had no camera for proof. Hope all is well and we all like your web-site.
The Kramer's 


  A message from Tracie Peterson:

Mike says Rusty is a hunting machine! Never wants to quit

I was able to walk with last Sunday to watch and take pics.   


Below pictured on the left is an "Odie- Lady" boy grown up into a fine young man, nice, solid, good looking dog. Keep finding birds Rusty
                                                "Rusty" on the Left. Another fine gun dog. He's got his fathers stuff !


    Here is a picture of Emma after her first pheasant hunt at 7 months. I have been amazed at how quickly she has learned to hunt birds and her drive to retrieve birds. She found three birds I know I would have lost including one runner that she tracked 60+ yards. Even after working with her for several months and knowing what a great dog she is, I was impressed with her first hunt. I already have my dad’s hunting buddies asking when they can borrow her.

Craig Smith
Sioux Falls, SD 

" Emma" below is an "Odie + Lady" girl from this spring, this cross has worked out well. Perhaps I kept the wrong pup. :) 
                  Another team off to a great start, and in the heart of pheasant country, you better invite me someday Craig. :)


Bob McKellar wrote:

I bought my pup Gus from Ken a short time ago. GREAT DOG! He is showing excellent promise, easily trained, and a super nose with a soft delivery.

At 5 months he is hupping on command or whistle, starting to quarter very well, retrieving like a maniac from heavy cover and water, and has a good knowledge of "down" and "stay" though he still has the puppy creeps on those commands.

I did not know Ken before I bought this dog but I did my research on him and his line and I am not unhappy. Great guy to do business with!

Bob McKellar

Here is Gus, he moved from MN to Arkansas.  I was told he wanted the dog to do a bunch of waterfowl hunting. I knew with hunting our springers on waterfowl for many years, he would have no trouble with that goal. Here below, is young Gus showing that same attitude as his parents toward water. "No fear" and a solid entry. These two are off to a great start.

   Gus is an Odie x Lady boy from this spring 2010                

 Below, here is Gus at about 7 months old now with his first pheasant hunt under his belt, and also getting in on some duck hunting action as well. 
                                                                                              What a young stud!!!!
                                                         Looks like your doing a fine job teaching him Bob. Good looking young dog Bob.





     Willow pedigree        Judy       Molly_s_Pedigree.pdf
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